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Source: Ray Micksaw / FX

*NOTE: Contains spoilers!*

After six seasons, FX has officially bid farewell to John Singleton’s crack-era drama, Snowfall

Wednesday night’s series finale left fans heartbroken over the fate of its main drug-slinging anti-hero, Franklin Saint (played by the super-talented Damson Idris). Saint has finally achieved the freedom he wanted. However, it would cost him his family, money, and power. In the end, he would become a product of his own destruction, a broke junkie on the street (much like his father at the beginning of the series).

While no one expected Saint to have a happy ending, it was still tough to watch. Alas, this was the reality for a lot of those who grew up in the Crack era. So, for that, we gotta give the showrunners credit for finishing the story in a way that Singleton (who died in 2019) would’ve wanted.

Check out some of the best reactions to the episode below!


1. A full circle moment

2. Yall catch the “Boyz N The Hood” easter egg?!

3. Now you know that would be too easy!

4. I mean… he did kinda do her dirty first, tho…

5. The feelssssss!

6. Can’t argue with his talent!

7. In better times…

8. Talk about pressure.

9. You hate to see it… but such is life.


11. Make it make sense…

12. The tables… they do turn.

13. S/O to K. Dot on this one!

14. She’s a runner, she’s a track star…

15. Unnecessary. Very Unnecessary.

16. All the awards! Give him all the awards!

17. And the moral of the story is…