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This Week In Social Media: #AskRachel Explodes, Peter Thomas Caught Cheating & More  was originally published on ipowerrichmond.com

1. This Week In Social Media

Social Media rules everything around us! It gives us everything from memes to amazing conversation. Here’s our favorite topics of this week.

2. #AskRachel

Unless you were under a rock, you witnessed the ridiculousness that was Rachel Dolezal. The former NAACP President was exposed as a fraud after her parents revealed that she was born a white woman. It became one of the biggest stories of the week spawning numerous memes, hashtags and a quiz at TheUrbanDaily.

3. Lebron James Loses But The Internet Wins

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors took home this year’s championship title and almost instantly, Lebron James became the face of countless memes. Poor Lebron, he just can’t catch a break.

4. Chris Brown Builds Miniature Versions Of His Cars For Royalty

Chris Brown the singer is a fool but we love him as a dad! He had smaller versions of his luxury cars made for his 1-year-old daughter Royalty. Awwww. If only he could control that temper of his.

5. Tina Knowles SLAYED Ebony Magazine

Can we all look this good at 61? Tina Knowles showed us where Beyonce and Solange get it from. WE ARE NOT WORTHY!

6. Jesse Williams Reminds Us Why He Is BAE

After the tragedy in Charleston, Jesse Williams took to Instagram to express his anger. Posts like this are why we love him.

7. Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Celebrate North’s 2nd Birthday

One of our favorite celebrity kids, North West, turned two this week and celebrated with a lavish party at Disneyland. Although her dad fell asleep at the Frozen performance, it looked like a good time was had by all.

8. Chris Brown Time Travels & Hangs With Tupac

When he isn’t posting photos of his adorable daughter Royalty, Chris Brown has been posting these weird photoshopped photos of him with Tupac. He has said before that Tupac is the only person who he can relate to. Yeah…ok Chris.

9. Emily B. Snaps Back & Explains Rapid Weight Loss

After posting this photo of her stomach two weeks after giving birth, Emily B’s mentions blew up. But she checked the haters by explaining that several complications during childbirth caused her to lose 45% of her blood and she ended up losing 15 pounds while she was recovering in the hospital. But the good news […]

10. Tyra Banks Really Woke Up Like This

Yikes! Tyra Banks showed us the definition of #nofilter when she posted this photo on Instagram the other day. Makeup really does work wonders.

11. Rihanna Takes Tokyo

Rihanna shut Tokyo for the DIor fashion show. She made history earlier this year when she became the first Black woman to represent the French brand.