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Yung Miami and Armon Wiggins got into a wild back-and-forth on social media which caught the attention of DJ Akademiks. What has ensued is quite a bit of mess and we’ve got details down below.

From what we learned on X, formerly Twitter, Armon Wiggins, a popular YouTube and social media personality, shared a clip of DJ Akademiks slamming Yung Miami by calling her music career and other endeavors a failure which prompted a response from the City Girls rapper.

From there, things escalated after Wiggins fired back at YM’s money jab, which then prompted Big Ak to go even harder with his long-running disdain of the Florida rapper.

“Failed? LMAOOOOO I got more money than both of yall. Made a million in 15 days off a card game! Got all yall crying both a podcast when I was just trying some sh*t what exactly do yall do besides reporting bout B*TCHES ALL DAY??” YM wrote in her initial salvo.

Akademiks replied with, “Don’t let her talk that money talk wit u. N*gga why she ain’t get on that wit me when I was violating. N*gga only way on earth she got more bread than BIG AK is if she got it by selling that 30 year old P*SSY to PUFF DADDY. A whole billionaire.”

YM and Wiggins continued their intense argument and it appears the pair have crossed paths before.

“I saw you in person you was on MUTE REMEMBER????” YM said to Wiggins, who fired back with, “No I don’t remember that. I remember YOU being RUDE acting as if you had a STICK up your a$$. Remember I OFFERED you a seat! You know RIGHT before you got PUT OUT of Yo Gotti section remember? AND LETS BE CLEAR! I AM THE REASON YOU & EVERYONE you CAME WITH was AT THE BEYONCE CONCERT! ..I SIGNED OFF ON THAT SWEETIE..Remember you couldn’t even get tickets in your OWN CITY.”

Ak, who doesn’t know the meaning of subtlety, was relentless in his attack on YM despite most of the timeline slamming him for keeping things going.

Yeah, it’s all very messy and the reactions from X are all over the place. Of course, Yung Miami being linked with Sean “Diddy” Combs amid the mogul’s recent troubles gets mentioned, but YM fires back at Armon Wiggins and DJ Akademiks, the latter of which YM shares a timeline of questionable comments and actions from the streaming personality.

Check out the reactions below.

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