black colleges

Remember when Hollywood used to care about the black college experience? We do. In fact, there used to be many films that detailed the lives…

In the now classic movie Bring It On (2000) Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst face off as cheerleaders from opposing California high schools. Union’s all-Black squad, The Clovers, finds out that Dunst’s squad, the Toros, from an upscale San Diego high school is copying their cheers. The two squads ultimately face off in a national […]

Hampton University President William Harvey slams BET's drama 'The Quad.' He sends a strongly-worded letter to the network's president.

Ford Motor company is giving HBCU students a chance to win $40,000 in scholarships. The Ford HBCU Community Challenge is a new program that encourages HBCU students to design community projects that address pressing local needs. The program’s theme is “Building Sustainable Communities”. Students are encouraged to creatively address a community need that touches at […]