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It's been two weeks since Jenesis Dockery was shot and killed at her babysitter’s house, but her family is still searching for answers. The post GoFundMe Launched For 8-Year-Old Black Girl Shot In Head By Babysitter’s Son appeared first on NewsOne.

After murder charges were dropped against Carlishia Hood and her 14-year-old son, the Chicago mother is suing the city and police officers as online donations get refunded. The post Online Donations To Carlishia Hood Refunded As Mom Sues Chicago, Cops After Murder Charges Dropped appeared first on NewsOne.

Photos of classified documents, which were stored all over Mar-a-Lago by former President Donald Trump, went viral on social media Friday The post Trump Stored Classified Docs In ‘Bathroom And Shower,’ Indictment Alleges appeared first on NewsOne.

Sharpe hasn't announced his next move yet, but something good is on the horizon for "Unc" The post What’s Next For Shannon Sharpe After His Break Up With Skip Bayless? appeared first on NewsOne.

Dr. Zachary "Zach" Okhah, the plastic surgeon linked to Jacky Oh before her death, is a "BBL specialist" with negative online reviews. The post Plastic Surgeon Linked To Jacky Oh Is ‘Liposuction & BBL Specialist’ With Negative Online Reviews appeared first on NewsOne.

We all know someone who uses e-cigarettes. Vaping is starting to get very popular and unfortunately, it’s getting popular with young adults and teens. A new study says that it is causing lung issues. 18-year-old Chance Ammirata thought he was having a heart attack when he felt pressure in his check.  He told CBS This […]

The Harriet Tubman $20 bill won’t come out next year like it was originally scheduled. The new $20 bill was scheduled to come out in 2020 to mark the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment which gave women the right to vote. Yeah! According to The Tennessean, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin announced that the bill […]

Everyone is talking about  Kim Kardashian-West freeing 17 prisoners in the past 30 days. Is not quite true. Kardashian-West was a factor in the release of the prisoners, but it was two black lawyers who actually did the work. Attorney Brittany K. Barnet and attorney MiAngel Cody created The Buried Alive Project are the ones who […]

When Lifetime aired Surviving R. Kelly a lot of the country was in shock. So what’s happened since the six-hour documentary aired? Lifetime is airing a follow up to the documentary on May 4th. Soledad O’Brien will host Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact, the 2-hour special. In the special, she will look at the impact […]

Jay-Z truly supports Historically Black Colleges and Universities. His foundation, The Shawn Carter Foundation(SCF) has kicked off their annual college tour by hosting workshops for participants from 125 different schools in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area. SCF was founded in 2003 by Jay-Z and his mom, Gloria Carter. Then in 2007, the bus […]

Time Magazine is known for their list. They have just announced the 2019 Most Influential People. The interesting thing about the list is that a friend or someone who is strongly influenced by the nominee writes about the person. So who made the list? Here are a few of them. Under the list of Pioneers […]

Notre Dame is an icon in Paris and all around the world. The 850-year-old church has been the backdrop of many movies, books, television shows and a tourist site for hundreds of years. One of the most famous books about the cathedral is “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, both the live action and the Disney […]