The major cell phone companies are providing some free services due to Hurricane Florence’s devestation in our area. AT&T: We are automatically issuing credits and waiving additional charges from September 11 through September 25 to provide unlimited talk, text, and data access for AT&T wireless and AT&T PREPAID customers in the areas affected most by the […]

Once upon a time, the head of rapper Marcus Manchild‘s label, AMG, told him that he “rapped weird.”  About three years later the 22-year-old from Houston was prepared to face a notoriously fickle crowd at New York’s S.O.B’s night club. Any butterflies in his stomach were probably pickled in vodka, but the nerves persisted. This […]

Rapper J.Gunn, 26, hails from Durham, North Carolina. His confident attitude is backed by a co-sign from the legendary MC Lyte who introduced him to the world on the red carpet of the 2011 BET Awards. We caught up with J.Gunn, who is working on forthcoming projects to ask him 10 quick questions: 1. When […]

23-year-old R&B singer CJ Hilton has a message for the ladies. If the men in your lives are in need of a little direction in the romance department he is here to help. Can You Be More In B-More? “The type of music I do, you have no choice but to be a real gentleman,” […]

Muhsinah is smarter than you. Well, at least your favorite singer.  The alumnus of Howard University had the beautiful audacity to name one of her recent projects Oscillations: Sine and Triangle. Explore Our Nation’s Capital “I was in recording school and I wanted to be an engineer,” she says with a smile. “I was learning […]

When producer Wyatt “Wyldfyer” Coleman says he started making beats in “the lab,” he’s not just tossing around industry jargon. Before he brought the world beats like Jay-Z and Nas’s “Black Republicans” or Kendrick Lamar’s “Kush and Corinthians,” the Philly native was pioneering the mobile studio—sort of. “Black Republicans” “We would be at the Spelman […]