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23-year-old R&B singer CJ Hilton has a message for the ladies. If the men in your lives are in need of a little direction in the romance department he is here to help.

Can You Be More In B-More?

“The type of music I do, you have no choice but to be a real gentleman,” says the Baltimore native with all the confidence of someone twice his age. “Just do things the right way. There’s a right way to do things and a wrong way to do things. And being disrespectful is not cool. You gotta be more suave about it. I wanna bring this young soul back.”

CJ’s debut album Cold Summer promises to make good on his word. The lead single “So Fresh” was a flirtatious Salaam Remi produced track that thumbs its nose at the age of passive Facebook pokes and revisits a time when a man told a woman how he felt.

“I had a lot of fun making that song actually,” remembers CJ. “Salaam played a sample for me from a movie called “Doom”. I loved the sample. So I asked him to put the track together, he did that. He left me the track, I wrote all the lyrics, did the hooks, did everything. We sent it over to Nas after that. Nas loved the record, so he jumped on it, sent it back to me and that was pretty much what it was.”

“So Fresh”

The album’s title track is more personal, chronicling the moments before you change your relationship status to “it’s complicated.”

“Cold Summer is basically about me going through a situation with my daughters mother,” CJ confesses. “We were in a long term relationship and she decided to leave me, the 3rd of July, I would never forget the day. So it was a really, really, really cold Summer for me. So I felt like the only way for me to really get through was to just write about it, talk about it.”

“Cold Summer”

But new fans shouldn’t fret. There is plenty of mood-setting music on this album to go around for those in a more romantic state of mind.

“I think my album is really sexy, it’s for the ladies,” says CJ. “It’s definitely for the fellas too but it’s [also] for the fellas to grab their ladies real close and have a little intimate time with them. I feel like you can put on my music and you’ll get the job done for sure.”


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