Plastic surgery and implants have become very common in our culture and especially within the entertainment industry. Over the years we have seen many of our favorite entertainers like Nicki Minaj, Wendy Williams, Lil Kim and Kourtney Kardashian undergo and discuss receiving implants and how they have affected their lives. However, K Michelle recently shined a whole […]

Blac Chyna’s snap back game is unreal and she snatched it back just in time to become a member of the exclusive Cosmopolitan cover girl club! Check her out: Now that’s how you MILF!!

People have expressed their disappointment in the fact that Donald Trump will be our next president in unique ways. Some people cried, others marched but WakaFlocka literally wiped his a** with a Trump jersey! The rapper was performing at the Georgia Theatre when he spotted University of Georgia student, Kyle Weber, wearing a Trump jersey. […]

Nick Cannon is a man of many skills! As a writer, comedian, host, he’s got to be one of the hardest working men show business has ever seen. He talks with the morning show cast about his influences growing up, who taught him how to hustle, and who became his mentor once he entered the […]

Check out the Nicki Minaj DVD trailer. What an interesting name for a DVD…<!--more-->