Cedric Richmond

Much of the mainstream media has failed to cover missing Black and Latinx girls in the nation's capital.

CBC leaders met with Trump Wednesday and raised “several areas of concern,” including his description of Black communities as “completely lawless,” proposed cuts to domestic programs that will harm low-income people, troubling positions on law enforcement and mass incarceration, and the “rolling back” of voting rights.

Sen. Booker, Rep. Lewis, and Rep. Richmond rebuked Sen. Jeff Sessions during the second day of Senate confirmation hearings.

The U.S. Senate approved a budget resolution that would allow Republicans to swiftly reform the Affordable Care Act.

More often than not in America, it’s perfectly fine to be in support of or facilitator for policies that perpetuate White supremacy so long as you…

Roland Martin caught up with U.S. Representative Cedric Richmond at the 2013 Congressional Black Caucus.  A champion for New Orleans, Richmond stressed the importance of forging…