Christina Milian who recently divorced her cheating husband The Dream, was spotted making out with him in the casino of the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas Saturday night. If you remember, The Dream cheated on a pregnant Milian with his then-assistant Melissa Santiago. Photos were splashed all over the net showing Melissa straddling The-Dream, sans […]

Christina Milian and The-Dream are still fighting, but this time it’s over payments regarding Justin Bieber’s hit song, “Baby,” which they co-wrote together. According to TMZ, Dream agreed to pay Christina 10 percent of his publishing stake. Milian is reportedly demanding a larger percentage of the song’s earnings, in addition to more money from their […]

The Dream paid Christina Millian big bucks to keep her mouth shut about him and their 10 month marriage.Even though the couple were together for only a few months, Milian reportedly will be paid a $4 million one-time cash settlement and $5,000 per month child support for the couple’s infant daughter, Violet, in exchange for […]

Christina Milian is single, loving it, and has no plans to begin dating. She said, "I'm going to protect my daughter. I don't just bring anyone into my life or her life."

R&B singers Christina Milian and The-Dream have reportedly struck a deal in their divorce settlement months after officially announcing their break-up.

There is an online report that R&B singer Christina Milian was pregnant. According to the report, Christina “announced” to her friends that she was expecting her SECOND child. Well, tracked down a VERY CLOSE family member of Christina’s who was surprised by the news of Cristina’s pregnancy. The insider explained, “I had no idea she was […]

The-Dream is speaking up again about his disgusting behavior, this time issuing a public apology to his wife Christina Milian and sticking with his story that their marriage has been failing for awhile. In My Own Words: First I want to thank God for the trials of life, without them we can’t know purpose! I […]

R&B singer The-Dream was spotted over the weekend by photographers with a mystery woman in the Caribbean. Based on photos and speculated Tweets, the woman was not his wife, Christina Milian. The-Dream spent his weekend in the arms of a woman other than his wife Christina Milian. The singer-songwriter was seen getting friendly with a […]