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The congressman used the House floor to rep Biggie Smalls and Brooklyn to the fullest.

To do our part in remembering the legend, we dedicated some much-needed time to highlighting Biggie's best bars.

I am Biggie’s biggest fan. For me he is the greatest rapper to ever have graced the game . Even if you don’t believe that he’s the greatest of all time, you can’t deny that he dominated the early ’90’s. He’s one of the biggest reasons we love the 90’s! 25 Signs That You’re Ready […]

On this day 41 years ago Voleta Walllace gave birth to Christopher Wallace, a boy child who would one day become the Notorious B.I.G. – an international name in the rap game. No matter what coast you are from (or claim), there’s no doubt that Biggie left a huge legacy on the rap game. Today […]

  As another year passes, many are left to wonder what could have been for the life of one of the most prolific Hip…

Notorious BIG Mix # 23Notorious BIG Mix # 24 Today marks what would have been the Notorious B.I.G.’s 40th Birthday!Enjoy these hot BIGGIE mixes and some of your favorite video’s as we remember the Late Great B.I.G.!!!!

A currently incarcerated man and former member of the Nation of Islam claim that he was an accessory to the murder of The Notorious BIG after the fact and know who the killer is. He came out with the info during a recent interview with To read more click here…

Christopher Wallace born May 21st 1972 went by many names; Biggie Smalls, Frank White, The Notorious B.I.G., but he obtained the title King of New York when he died March 9th 1997. The Notorious B.I.G. is one of few hip-hop artists who’s legacy may live on forever.  Biggie Smalls was “Black and ugly as ever” […]