The reality of frivolous lawsuits is that they rarely yield the desired results of the plaintiff, and a judge in Ohio found a clever way to dismiss one such case last week. Franklin County Judge David E. Cain wrote a legally-themed poem to dismiss a $2 million lawsuit filed by inmate Darek Lathan, who soiled his […]

 Columbus Short just refuses to get his act together! According to TMZ, Short celebrated July 4th by getting in trouble with the law for the 4th…

Soulja Boy’s Back To School Tour came through Columbus, OH this weekend and Soulja Boy along with Roscoe Dash, Diamond of Crime Mob, & The GS Boyz came through and put on a great show. Soulja Boy’s fans were there to help him get through the tough times he’s been having in the media. They […]

Mystikal was supposed to have a concert here on Saturday but when people got to the show they were treated with a nice Q&A with the rapper via SKYPE!!! Straight out of a scene from Janky promoters, lol. We finally got our hands on someone’s Blackberry video so we’re sharing a good laugh with you […]