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The reality of frivolous lawsuits is that they rarely yield the desired results of the plaintiff, and a judge in Ohio found a clever way to dismiss one such case last week, according to The Columbus Dispatch.

Franklin County Judge David E. Cain wrote a legally-themed poem Thursday to dismiss a $2 million lawsuit filed by inmate Darek Lathan, who soiled his pants and sought damages for harassment, embarrassment and emotional distress, the report says.

As reported by The Columbus Dispatch:

The lawsuit was filed in October by an inmate at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, who accused a correction officer of causing him to soil his pants on Sept. 17 while standing in line for recreation at the prison.

Darek Lathan wrote that he warned the officer he was struggling with a cold and diarrhea from taking cold showers in the prison, but wasn’t allowed to get out of line.

He suffered “harassment, embarrassment, riddiculing (sic) and emotional distress” when other inmates began laughing at him after the bathroom accident, he wrote. The lawsuit asked for $2 million in damages.

The poem reads in part, according to The Dispatch, “Cold showers caused his bowels to malfunction Or so the plaintiff claims; A strict uncaring prison guard Is whom the plaintiff blames.”

The 72-year-old Judge Cain has just a few years left in his post and decided to have a bit of fun at Lathan’s expense. Lathan arrived at the prison last September to serve a 17-month sentence for vandalism.

Cain told the media that he penned his legal poetry piece in an hour.

SOURCE: Columbus Dispatch | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty


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