Being that the seller was only 17-years-old at the time of sale, he wasn't of age to enter into any binding contract and thus wasn't liable for the sale of the counterfeit goods.

Can you spot all her nods to Black history and culture through her fashion?

Rihanna went on a fashion adventure around the palace of Versaille in her Secret Garden campaign for Dior! The couturier gave fashionistas a peek at the Steven-Klein directed short last week, but they hauled out the full-length video today. The piece opens with Rihanna riding up to the castle and stomping around its abandoned halls […]

Rihanna slays in her new Dior commercial. She is making history as the first black woman to “front the brand in its 70 year history”. Check out the video HERE and peep a snippet of her song “Only For The Night” RIHANNA SNATCHES SOME MORE EDGES HERE!!! NEW RUMORS OF A “CHRIHANNA” (CHRIS & RIH RIH) […]

French luxury brand Dior got a boost of diversity this week when Barbadian singer and occasional actress Rihanna was named the face of the label’s…