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  While death is inevitably a part of life, that truth doesn’t make it any easier to say goodbye to those who have died. We look back at some of the greats who passed away in 2023.

Durand Bernarr, a trailblazing queer musician, shares his "My First Time" story on work ethic he learned by touring with Earth, Wind & Fire. The post My First Time: Durand Bernarr Recalls Learning Work Ethic On First Tour With Earth, Wind & Fire appeared first on Black America Web.


During Thursday evening's NAACP Pre-Show Awards dinner in Pasadena, CA, Roland Martin, host of NewsOne Now, caught up with some of our best and brightest stars and asked for their reactions to the passing of Earth, Wind and Fire's founder, Maurice White.


Earth Wind & Fire, a group who’s name alone sounds as legendary and powerful as the vocals they put out, was founded in Chicago in…