Veteran media personality Ed Lover called out Dr. Umar Johnson over the speaker's stance that Eminem only achieved his status in Hip-Hop due to "white supremacy" on his "C'mon Son" podcast.

R. Kelly's ex-wife Drea Kelly and radio personality Monie Love are going at it.

  ‘Top Five‘ finally opens in theaters nationwide this Friday, December 12. What better way to get the conversation started, than a gold old-fashioned hip-hop…

A Hip Hop Horror Film…..this should be interesting. Spike Lee is producing “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Kills You”. The title comes from Biggie and it stars Big Daddy Kane, Dougee Fresh and Ed Lover. The movie is about 2 NYC detectives following a suspect that is murdering Hip Hop artist. Whatcha think about this???

Check out the latest episode of Ed Lover’s C’mon Son Series……Nobody’s Safe…..

The 1st Annual “Urbie” Awards // I’ll be honest and say that 2009 was a disappointment and sitting down to compile 20 different lists of mediocrity was just not my idea of fun. Any year that took away Michael Jackson and DJ Roc Raida gets the gas face.  So in the spirit of time management […]