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Sad news for the 80’s and 90’s babies… The Winslow family’s home was recently approved for a demolition permit request by its homeowners. Wile the sitcom was set in Chicago, filming actually took place in California. Related Stories: “Family Matters” Actress Engaged To Raz-B’s Brother, Ricky Romance T.I. Will Star In New TV Show “Atlanta’s […]

We watched a lot of TV in the 90s and 2000s, but not every show stood the test of time. There were some sitcoms we watched…

So today is Throw Back Thursday and EVERYBODYYYYYYYYYYY know how much I love New Edition. How did this one get past me all these years I don’t know. Yesterday morning my television was playing Family Matters and I heard New Edition singing. I never saw this episode…………have you?????? Check it out and you will see […]

TMZ is reporting that Jaleel White will not face domestic battery charges in an incident involving the mother of his child. Bridget Hardy had accused the actor of punching and slapping her, but according to the Web site, there was not enough evidence for the LAPD to go forward with the case. White’s attorney Philip […]

Everyone’s favorite nerd has been long grown up and aside from an occasional cameo he’s been relatively unseen. In a recent interview Jaleel White gets asked about his personal business full throttle. Listen to the interview to decide whether you believe his response or is he just covering up. Video via Bossip