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2/27/17- Just before Black History Month ends, the Celebrity Snitch has another fake fact that you’ve never heard of before…and for good reason. Listen below.

2/23/17- The Celebrity Snitch has another alternative Black History fact for the day. Find out who was the first man to grab his crotch after seeing a beautiful woman.

2/20/17- How did the Celebrity Snitch already watch the 2017 Oscars? You’ve got to find out how and hear him drop major spoiler alerts ahead of this weekend’s big show. Listen below.

  2/17/17- Find out who the Celebrity Snitch named as Bamma of the Week and hear who almost took the crown. Listen below.

2/16/17- Listen to the Celebrity Snitch update you on the latest with Kim Joung Un, Melania Trump and more.

2/15/17- The Celebrity Snitch details the real behind the first Black Bachelorette on ABC and why Tiger Woods is not going to be a fan. Also hear how Charles Oakley’s travel ban played out. Listen below.

2/14/17- The Celebrity Snitch has a few Valentine’s Day rhymes perfect for the season. Listen to the hilarity below.

2/13/17- The Celebrity Snitch weighs in on the biggest moments from the 59th Annual Grammy awards. Hear his hilarious recap below.  

Comedians Chris Paul and Huggy Lowdown joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for this week’s edition of Wildin’ Out Wednesday, and things got out of hand in rapid fashion. Instead of just telling a few funny anecdotes, the comedy duo chimed in on the hot topic of the day — the Republican presidential debate. Paul told Martin […]

Roland Martin and this week’s Wildin’ Out Wednesday comedians panel joke about NBA Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley upsetting everyone with his recent comments about…

Comedians Huggy Lowdown, Chris Paul and Chris Thomas joined Roland Martin on “NewsOne Now” for this week’s edition of “Wildin’ Out Wednesday.” Martin asked the…