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Comedians Chris Paul and Huggy Lowdown joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now for this week’s edition of Wildin’ Out Wednesday, and things got out of hand in rapid fashion.

Instead of just telling a few funny anecdotes, the comedy duo chimed in on the hot topic of the day — the Republican presidential debate. Paul told Martin he thought he was watching The Wiz again with, “Donald Trump the brainless Scarecrow, you had Jeb Bush as the Tin Man, and Ben Carson is the Cowardly Liar.”

Outraged by Paul’s comment about Dr. Carson, Huggy Lowdown said, “How dare you talk about the Neuro-whisperer like that.”

Then, Wildin’ Out Wednesday became “Wild @ss Wednesday,” as Huggy Lowdown said, when Paul made the following point about African-Americans being happy that GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz is leading in Iowa:

“Black people, stop getting so excited that Ted Cruz is leading Donald Trump in the poll[s]. Ted Cruz is no better than Donald Trump — That’s like being happier the doctor said syphilis over genital warts.”

Later in the segment, Paul decided to comment about the direction of our country and how racism is running rampant. He told Martin, “They’ve even brought Black people and racism into the new movie Star Wars.”

Paul said when actress Janine Turner appeared on Fox Business Channel, she explained Darth Vader “was on the dark force he was Black — that’s why he’s voiced by James Earl Jones, but once he went to the light force — you saw he took off his helmet he was a White man — saying Darth Vader was Black just because his lightsaber was longer than everybody else’s.”

Watch all of the laughs in this week’s edition of Wildin’ Out … errr … “Wild @ss Wednesday” with comedians Chris Paul and Huggy Lowdown in the video clip above.

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The Moment NewsOne Now’s Wildin’ Out Wednesday Became Country As H*ll

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