Your response to our request to help those in need from Hurricane Matthew was astonishing. We assisted ABC11 with their Hurricane Relief Food Drive and we collected more than 15 truckloads of food and household items.  Additionally, more than $130,000 was raised. If you missed the Food Drive, which ended at 7 p.m., you can still […]

If you are in need of help here are several good resources for food and donations.

Nine days after Hurricane Matthews struck North Carolina, the storm continues to wreak havoc on North Carolina with 19 people dead, 3,800 living in shelters and nearly 150,000 people without power. Sections of I-95 are still shutdown, especially in the southbound lane. Sign Up For Our Newsletter!   More flooding is expected in Edgecombe, Pitt, […]

Hurricane Matthew  has moved on but that doesn’t mean that all is well. According to reports, 12 lives were lost due to the hurricane and rescue efforts are on going as many people are still trapped due to flooding. Power outages are still being reported. Check out the video below to see a small percentage […]

Hurricane Matthew left us with road closings, power outages and more… including school closing for today as NC works to get back on track after the tremendous storm. Here’s a list of the public school closings: Cardinal Charter Academy             Closed on Monday, October 10 Clinton City Schools                        Closed on Monday, October 10 Cumberland Co […]

As of Monday morning Duke Energy reported some 330,000 power outages – that’s down from 1 million right after Hurricane Matthew. Click below to see the latest outage MAP. To report an OUTAGE.  

Hurricane Matthew has got people out here showing their you know what’s…lol. A massive fight broke out in Walmart and of course it went viral. This was allegedly due to the Hurricane Matthew panic. Hopefully people will get a grip and learn to work together in times like these but, uh, if you wanna see the […]

Hurricane Matthew is not playing. I would not want to drive in it; let alone have to report the news in it. Check out these reporters and their almost daredevil-like reports in the midst of the hurricane. Why is this still a thing? Is it really necessary? Smh. Check out these crazy videos HERE!! SAFAREE […]

Hurricane Matthew ripped through Haiti on Tuesday and the death toll has continued to rise significantly every day. Currently, the storm has claimed about 1,000 lives and has left tens of thousands homeless before heading towards Northeast Florida. We will continue to pray for Haiti!! Related Stories: Hurricane Matthew Wreaks Havoc On Haiti: Hundreds Dead […]

Thousands are without food, shelter and communication after Hurricane Matthew tears through Haiti, leaving hundreds dead.

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