Get out your pen and paper, because we all need to take notes on how to secure the bag from Mariah Carey. The already rich singer just gained a few million dollars from ex-fiance James Packer. After their split in October the singing legend demanded 50 million in reparations for “Uprooting her life from New York” […]

Mariah Carey opens up about her breakup with James Packer and ex-husband Nick Cannon having a baby with his ex.

According to reports, Mariah feels as though she's being treated as a gold digger by the Australian billionaire's business managers.

Mariah Carey and her former husband-to-be James Packer didn’t even make it to the wedding before their alleged break-up got messy and public. The reason for the break-up is unconfirmed, though sources have linked it to several reasons, from Mariah’s spending habits to how she raises her kids. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Either way, […]

Mariah Carey and James Packer are going their separate ways and even though they were never married, their split reminds us of an ugly divorce.

Congratulations are in order for this stunning new couple to be dubbed “The Packers,” however, there’s just one small hiccup— Mariah is still married to Nick Cannon and James is till married to his wife, Erica Packer. If that name sounds familiar, she’s singer Seal’s new boo. If you’re thinking what we’re thinking, then no, […]

The television personality took to social media to congratulate his ex on her new, and surprising engagement.

On Wednesday, a light dusting of snow caused tons of traffic in D.C., and even President Obama couldn’t escape the chaos.

Carey, who recently divorced Nick "Many Jobs" Cannon, first met Packer at the 'Hercules' premiere a few years ago.

Could Mariah Carey be getting married again? There’s a distinct possibility that her whirlwind romance with Australian billionaire James Packer could be turning serious! The filthy rich lovebirds have been traveling all over the place doing fabulous things like wealthy people do. However, E! News reports that this might be shaping up to more than […]