Whoopi Goldberg told Rielle Hunter off on air yesterday. She chastised her for talking about a dead woman and questioned her adulterous behavior. Read: Why…


GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Federal prosecutors dropped all charges Wednesday against John Edwards after his corruption trial ended last month in a deadlocked jury. SEE…

The verdict has been reached in the John Edwards Trial. Former presidential candidate John Edwards was found not guilty Thursday on one charge that he accepted illegal campaign contributions, and a federal judge declared a mistrial on five other charges when a jury deadlocked after nine days of deliberations. For full story, click HERE.

John Edwards, the former Democratic U.S. presidential candidate accused of flouting campaign finance laws to hide his mistress and her pregnancy from the public, added new attorneys to the team representing him in his federal criminal case. Two Greensboro lawyers who represented Rielle Hunter, the campaign videographer with whom Edwards had an extramarital affair and […]

Shortly before Christmas, Edwards’ defense team asked for a delay in his trial, which is set to begin with jury selection Jan. 30. In seeking the delay, the attorneys cited an undisclosed medical condition afflicting the former U.S. presidential candidate that was hampering his abilities to prepare for trial. The lawyers also cited the sheer […]

CNN reports this story: Elizabeth Edwards, the estranged wife of former North Carolina senator and presidential candidate John Edwards, died Tuesday after a lengthy battle with cancer, according to a family spokesperson. She was 61. The Edwards family released a statement Tuesday: Elizabeth Anania Edwards, mother, author, advocate died today at her home in Chapel […]