Keyshia Cole sent out the photo above via her new Twitter account. The sexy songstress has gone back to blonde and hit the studio with super producer Pharrell Williams. The new mom, who is said to be estranged from her family, also made a point of mentioning her mother, Frankie Lons, who has been making the rounds […]

Via: just learned that Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie is releasing a “tell all” book. In it, She’s supposedly gonna AIR OUT Keyshia for cutting her and Neffe off.

Keyshia Cole dropped by Hot 107.9 recently and spoke with Emperor Searcy about her new album, Calling All Hearts. She also discussed Twitter and her fans, being a new mother and how she misses her son when she’s on the road, and whether she can really be a b*tch as some folks have asserted. Check […]

Keyshia Cole’s sister Elite tweeted a congratulatory message to Keyshia. And it seems like she’s congratulating her on recently giving birth: