An Amy Winehouse holograms tour is scheduled to take place next year. In additions to this, her estate plans to keep her legacy alive and a family-approved biopic is also in the works.The Winehouse family will serve as executive producers on the film, which is scheduled to start filming in 2019. Related Stories: Amy Winehouse: […]

Prepare to get your moonwalk on, because a bio-musical about Michael Jackson’s life is headed to Broadway! The legend’s estate announced that it has agreed to develop a stage musical that should make its Broadway debut in 2020. Related Stories: Does This Woman Sing Better Than Michael Jackson? You Be The Judge! [VIDEO] Did You […] A 50-year old Detroit man, who admitted to killing all four of ex-girlfriend’s children, had to face her in court on Wednesday. According to M Live, Gregory Green killed 5-year-old Koi Green, 4-year-old Kaleigh Green, 19-year-old Chadney Allen and 17-year-old Kara Allen by gassing them with carbon monoxide in a Toyota parked in the driveway of […]

Actor Michael Jace has finally reached the end of his trial and received his prison sentence on Friday.

"I'm a realist" is the phrase I hear a lot of people say when giving reason to rejecting optimism. However, being optimistic can pay off when you're in a bad mood and are trying to think the best of the situation.

This is one of those topics that has always made sense to me: put off what you could do today for tomorrow. What harm could…

What can you really say when your aunt tells you you’ve gained some weight when you arrive home for the holidays? This was me two…

Once in a while, there are certain days that stick out as being especially trying. Today happens to suit that description, as this morning, walking through the crowds and the moving-sidewalk mentality of a big city was not working for me. When you feel like even the cashier is impatient as you pull coins out […]

Lately, I have been becoming bored with the regular routine. While most of the time it’s nice to repeat the same actions day in and day out, as it creates a pattern and comfort, there are times when these consistencies become monotonous. For the past two years, I have ordered the same flavored latte from […]

The hardest part any person must deal with is looking in the mirror. Facing the reflection is difficult. What we do when we dive deeply into who we are is what matters. What would happen if we didn’t think it was wrong to be vulnerable? Some judgments that come to mind when I express my […]