So Love & Hip Hop has moved to the ATL and who will be giving us the drama….Atlanta rapper Rasheeda and her husband/manager, producer Stevie J. ( Eve’s ex that leaked her naked pics), Diamond from Crime Mob and her ex Lil Scrappy plus his mom, Mama D who they say is Mama Jones to […]

Actor/comedian Mike Epps is never one to shy away from controversy. He stopped in Houston on a comedy tour and had some choice words about our favorite reality television mom. Epps went in on Jim Jones’ mother by saying she looked like Freddy Kreuger and imitating Mama Jones’ gravelly voice. Then put Chrissy Lampkin in […]

As Love & Hip Hop Season 2 come to an end check out Mama Jones video for her hit single “Psychotic”….

Did you catch the finale of Love & Hip Hop last nite… worries I gotcha video recap with some of the best moments from the show.Olivia still has no deal,Emily is still on her own, Kimbella’s pregnant with Julez in jail, Yandy out of a job, Mama Jones, Chrissy and Jimmy on vacation in Jamaica together […]

Up next on Love & Hip Hop Beef……..Mama Jone and Olivia twitter beefing. Mama Jones didn’t take to kindly of Olivia mocking her on the last episode and went in on her on twitter calling her a G-Unit …Hmmmmmm… do I say this……community plaything. To check the twitter fight click here……

Jim Jones moms Mama Jones is going in on Olivia on Twitter. I’m not sure what started this twitter beef, but Mama Jones went hard at Olivia, calling her the “puff puff”pass for G-Unit (DAMN!!) and took a low blow at her singing career…Aren’t you a little too old Mama Jones for twitter beef??? Olivia […]

With all of the reality show coming out I think Keyshia Cole’s mom Frankie and Jim Jones mother Mama Jones should get a show together. Yeah that would be a code 10 situation. They are both off the chain and they both roc the mic. Check out Mama Jones “Psychotic B$%*h” and Frankie’s “The Frankie […]

We all seen how upset Mama Jones was when she was left out of the plans of Chrissy’s proposal to Jim Jones on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop. Mama Jones still feels that Chrissy is a selfish bit*h and is ready to put her feelings on wax. She says the diss record is for all […]