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It saddens us to write this today to express the news of an explosion that took place downtown Durham today on April 10th, 2019. What seems like a gas leak turned into a catastrophe when a building was set on fire, causing an explosion. The explosion shook the buildings downtown and burned multiple buildings leaving […]

Can you imagine winning $42 Million at a casino? Just take a moment and think about what you’d do with all that money. Now, imagine yourself trying to cash out and the casino telling you that you’ve won NOTHING!!! Not one red cent!! That’s what happened to Katrina Bookman of New York. Check out the […]

Amber Rose gave us the weirdest T.M.I ever. She recently revealed how she gets glowing, beautiful skin. You won’t believe how. She told Glamour magazine that the key to her beautiful skin was masturbation. Uh, yeah. Check out an excerpt below: Her glowing-skin secret: Masturbation. I wish I had the time to masturbate every day in […]

Usher (who Dj AngelBaby likes to call “vintage bae”) is celebrating his 38th birthday somewhere in the world right now. Happy Bday Usher but, word on the street is; years ago, on another one of his birthday’s he got into it with Bobby Brown and actually beat up the former new edition singer. What? Yeah!! […]

Adrien Broner seems to be going through a difficult time. According to his instagram account he may even be contemplating suicide. Adrien’s latest post had a number of his friends reaching out to authorities for help. Check out the full details HERE!! SAFAREE BLAMES MEEK MILL FOR BREAKUP WITH NICKI MINAJ TAMAR & VINCE ON BREAK […]

Lil Kim fans have now added the rap super star to the list of celebrities who’ve been memorialized, celebrated or made fun of with a challenge in their honor. #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat, #TotalChallenge, Monica’s #SoGoneChallenge and now #LilKimChallenge. This Lil Kim challenge allegedly started after fans were taking notice to the way she dances during the recent […]

Twitter the social media giant may be facing major problems. According to a company, Twitter infringed upon their copyrighted material and they want their money. It’s the same company that sued Apple and Verizon for said infringements. Check out all the details HERE!!!   SAFAREE BLAMES MEEK MILL FOR BREAKUP WITH NICKI MINAJ TAMAR & VINCE ON […]

Hurricane Matthew  has moved on but that doesn’t mean that all is well. According to reports, 12 lives were lost due to the hurricane and rescue efforts are on going as many people are still trapped due to flooding. Power outages are still being reported. Check out the video below to see a small percentage […]

Hurricane Matthew has got people out here showing their you know what’s…lol. A massive fight broke out in Walmart and of course it went viral. This was allegedly due to the Hurricane Matthew panic. Hopefully people will get a grip and learn to work together in times like these but, uh, if you wanna see the […]

Hurricane Matthew is not playing. I would not want to drive in it; let alone have to report the news in it. Check out these reporters and their almost daredevil-like reports in the midst of the hurricane. Why is this still a thing? Is it really necessary? Smh. Check out these crazy videos HERE!! SAFAREE […]

Kanye West  had a fashion show, there were a bunch of “mishaps” and in true Kanye fashion he went off. Rumor is he fired over 30 people for said mishaps and just had a fit (which he was entitled to). People love to talk stuff about Kanye but, who would’nt go “off” if the people you […]

Kandi Burruss and hubby Todd Tucker were kicked off a flight recently. Were they causing a ruckus? Were they posing some type of national security threat? Did they curse out the pilot? Kandi explained the whole ordeal. Find out what happened and why HERE!! CAM NEWTON SAYS “WE’RE ALL THE SAME COLOR” CHRIS BROWN’S ACCUSER […]