P Diddy

Sean “P. Diddy” Combs was injured yesterday, in a serious car crash in L.A. Luckily, the media mogul was able to walk away from the…

Diddy‘s baby’s mother–Misa Hylton–probably doesn’t even realize that she started a massive rumor about the father of her child and alleged girlfriend–Cassie Venture. During a…

Diddy may be a successful businessman but he has never quite mastered the art of rap. Yeah, he has sold millions of records, produced tons…

Check out this classic 1994 Yo MTV Raps interview with The Notorious Big! Mo Money Mo Problems!!!!

Mediatakeout.com obtained suspicious photos of Diddy getting out his car then buttoning his pants after riding with a “suspect” male companion. The mysterious man can be seen standing behind Diddy also fixing his slicked back ponytail. What were they doing? Diddy & Jennifer Lopez Are Dating Again? The Five Oddest Free Agent Pick-Ups In Music

In June of this year Amerie became the latest artist to become romantically involved with their manager or producer. The “Why Don’t We Fall In Love” singer wed her manager Lenny Nicholson joining a sorority that includes members like Janet Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey,  just to name a few. If that list of […]

Once upon a time in “music business land,” the remix was heavily sought after and appreciated. Producers would put their all into creating a the spin to a song that will create a new sound. The way things go now… just add a wack rapper on a track and you have a remix. That wasn’t the […]

This is probably the cutest thing you’ll see all day. Justin Combs, Diddy’s 16 year old son, filmed his little sisters talking about life and other stuff. The twins, D’Lila and Jessie James are 4 years old and so adorable. Justin’s being the quintessential big brother; making sure the twins know they can date no […]

During a great interview as part of Peter Rosenburg’s “Noise Makers” series, P.Diddy reminisced about his days as a dancer and his first gig as a doorman.

Pharoahe Monch talks to Combat Jack about ghostwriting for Diddy on Press Play and what it’s like working with that Puff budget, and how he challenged himself to make the collaboration work. (spotted @ Nahright)