R. Kelly

It seems like R. Kelly truly has some die-hard female fans, despite the multiple sexual misconduct allegations and criminal charges against him, this as reporter Will Lee claims fans of the singer are trying to post $100,000 of his $1 million bond for him to leave police custody. Related Stories: Happy Birthday R. Kelly! {Listen […]

Singer R. Kelly pleads not guilty on all 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. He remains in jail, unable to post the needed 10% of $1 million bond. Related Stories: Did You Hear About What Happened At R Kelly’s House In ATL? There’s A New R. Kelly Sex Tape With An Alleged 14-Year-Old, According To […]

After years of evading criminal charges, the walls are closing in on R Kelly. Following the discovery of a new video tape allegedly showing the R&B singer raping an underage girl, a grand jury has been convened in Illinois, according to sources. Veteran reporter Jim DeRogatis, whose been covering the allegations against Kelly for two […]

The singer is particularly popular in Germany where he is scheduled to perform a few concerts this coming Spring. TMZ reports that the singers show in Ludwigsburg on April 12th is such a big seller that it had to be moved to a bigger venue that holds about 9000 people. Related Stories: R. Kelly Announces […]

R. Kelly is a popular man these days for all the wrong reasons. Despite his ongoing discrepencies, the singer recently announced that he will be heading on tour in Australia, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. He made the shocking announcement on social media. Related Stories: Leah’s Lemonade: R Kelly’s Ex Wife Talks About Her Abusive […]

More bad news for singer R. Kelly. The Pied Piper is now being investigated by The Federal Bureau of Investigation for sex trafficking. The feds believe that Kelly has been trafficking minors after they discovered that he may have had a teenage girl travel across state lines in order to have sex. The alleged victim […]

R. Kelly’s record label Sony Music has announced that they are standing up against the troubled R & B star. After the fallout from last week’s ‘Surviving R. Kelly” docuseries on Lifetime Sony Music has decided to stop releasing any new music from Kelly. According to TMZ: Sources familiar with R. Kelly’s contract and dealings […]

The Surviving R Kelly documentary has brought up so many important conversations that still need to be talked about today. In the documentary, we saw R. Kelly’s younger brother- Carey Kelly touch on their childhood and upbringing. Check out the interview below… Related Stories: Did You Hear About What Happened At R Kelly’s House In […]

R. Kelly’s name has been tarnished since the release of Lifetime’s documentary, “Surviving R. Kelly.” While the singer received a lot of negative attention due to accusations, he has inversely benefited in a positive form via music streams. A 16% increase has been reported. Related Stories: Celebrities That Have Cancelled R. Kelly After Watching #SurvivingRKelly […]

After the three day airing of Surviving R.Kelly docuseries that included over fifty interviews from people that knew the R & B singer and his alleged obsession with underaged females. Many took to social media to speak out against R. Kelly and anyone that continues to support him. Some celebrities openly protested against Robert Kelly; […]

Those that have always heard about the allegations of R.Kelly and his fondness of young women, but lifetime found his brothers, former dancers and ex-wife to tell their story of Surviving R.Kelly.   Hashtag #SurvivngRKelly took to Twitter and it was an overflow with opinions on what was revealed in this series. After everyone realized John […]

R. Kelly is answering a lot of questions in his newest song. Kelly dropped “I Admit” which is 19 minutes long and makes some serious R. Kelly bares all on candid new song ‘I Admit.’ Coming in at a colossal 19-minutes, the track sees R&B’s Pied Piper wax honest about his present predicament, clap-back at […]