R. Kelly

A petition has been launched to stop radio stations in the Atlanta area for playing R. Kelly’s music. Organizers of the petition also want to stop Kelly from performing in The A as a part of his current tour. The petition was posted on Change.org and is titled “Ban child molester, R. Kelly, from Atlanta […]

R. Kelly has now reportedly added Bill Cosby’s former lawyer, Monique Pressley to his defense team. Things that make you say hhhmmmmmm…. Related Stories: R Kelly With Special Guest, Monica At The PNC Arena China Anne McClain On Whether She Would Ever Work With R. Kelly [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Text “K975” To 52140 for your chance […]

One of the women who is involved in the latest R. Kelly scandal that I posted about earlier this week (click HERE if you missed that)is speaking out, and she’s not too happy with her family. The woman who is named Jocelyn Savage is speaking out and claiming that her dad was the one who […]

Singer R. Kelly is being accused of holding women against their will in a sexual cult. According to an article in Buzzfeed, parents are concerned that they have not heard from their daughters after they ran away to be with Kelly. The parents say that Kelly is abusing them and tearing their families apart. Three […]

Singer R. Kelly has paid $730 to the IRS to settle a huge unpaid tax bill and Uncle Sam has dropped their attempt to seize his property and assets. The lien against the singer that was put into effect last year has been dismissed. According to the lien, Kelly owed a total of $730,683.80 in […]

R Kelly is back in trouble for messing with the wrong woman, one heartbroken Mississippi man claims. According to the NY Daily News, Kenny Bryant is accusing the singer of having an affair with his wife of 5 years. Bryant, a Hinds County Sheriff’s Department deputy, claims that his wife Asia Childress and Kelly have […]

Singer R. Kelly is on the hook for more money owed to the IRS right now. Kells apparently owes millions in unpaid taxes to Uncle Sam, and now the IRS has hi him with a brand new lien due to unpaid taxes in the amount of $223K for 2015. The government is threatening to seize […]

The singer says someone was sent to "sabotage" her show.

Where are all my R. Kelly fans at? R. Kelly revealed in a recent interview that he has more chapters of his 2005 hit “Trapped In The Closet” coming our way very soon! The R&B legend also stated that he will tour the chapters if there’s a major deal…. We wonder what else could possibly […]

In a recent article titled The Inexplicable Online Absence of Aaliyah's Best Music, Complex gets to the root of the issue and brings up some interesting points along the way.

Singer R. Kelly might have to find a new place to bump and grind. The IRS has recently slapped him with a tax lien for almost $200,000. Court documents filed by the Federal Government indicate that a lien against Kelly’s property and assets has been established since he has not paid $191,614.35 in back taxes […]

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