Activist Precious Davis went on the TLC show to find the perfect gown and to raise visibility around trans women of color.

Activist Precious Davis went on the TLC show to find the perfect gown and to raise visibility around trans women of color.

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Bailey kicked Williams in the stomach while filming the upcoming season 8 of the hit Bravo series on a boat.

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Why do people who appear on reality TV shows (or talk shows, or court shows) often suffer severe and often long-lasting psychological trauma as a result?

Well it looks like the Reality Show curse has struck again. Atlanta Housewife Porsha Williams husband,Kordell Stewart, has filed for divorce from his wife of two years. The 40-year-old former Pittsburgh Steeler filed for divorce last Friday. No details have been given about the reason for divorce but some are saying that he did not want her […]

The 90’s R&B Group SWV are the latest to jump on the reality show bandwagon. Sisters With Voices will star in an unscripted series on WE TV. The show will follow the trio on their entrance back into music, the off-stage dynamic between the ladies, explore why the group broke up in the late 90′s, […]

While we were watching Yandy’s boyfriend Mendeecess get upset on last nights episode of Love & Hip Hop because she wants to move to Jersey with her mom, he was watching the episode from a jail cell. YEP! Yandy’s baby daddy is currently behind bars  in Rochester,NY   accused of trafficking $2.5 million worth heroin […]

Did you catch the 1st episode of TLC’s Starter Wives Reality Show last night? It stars the ex wives and girlfriend of soem of your favorite, DJ’s rappers and athletes.Rappers DMX and Maino’s ex’s, Floyd Mayweather baby mamma are a few of the cast members. Meet the cast members here… and if you didn’t check […]

Maybe the people should not have protested against Shawty Lo’s reality show, “All My Baby Mama’s” because then he may not have been arrested. Maybe he snitched on himself in the clip from the show because he was arrested last night for child support. The show was based on him interacting with his 11 kids, […]

You can always count on a scandal when it comes to Love and Hip Hop. Just days ago we find out that it is quite possible that Joseline, Mimi and Steebie J were all getting it in together. At the same time we were hit with the news that Rich Dollarz was being served with […]

 When will the foolishness of reality TV come to an end. Get ready for another. “Seeds Of Hip-Hop” follow the sons of Dr. Dre, Eazy E, Jam Master Jay, MC Ren and E-40 as they try to make their way in the music world without riding their father’s coattails…..SMH…REALLY….REALLY………check it out here