Tune in to discover why President Biden won't centralize his legal problems in his re-election campaign. Uncover the complexities of child support as Halle Berry's case is examined, prompting discussions on whether men should receive child support/alimony. Join in the Big Up Let Down segment celebrating Sha'Carri Richardson and Jamaican runners, while addressing KFC's letdown. Explore current events like Hurricane Katrina's 2005 landfall and the UNC shooting update. The post Steve Harvey’s Apologies & Does Trump Have The Black Vote? | Urban One Podcast Network appeared first on Black America Web.

Welcome to this Monday edition of the Amanda Seales podcast.  We welcome Jeremiah Like The Bible onto the Amanda Seales Show. Today’s episode of the Amanda Seales Show podcast discussed a range of topics such as the expulsion of two members from the Tennessee house, Amanda Seales’ review of the new edition legacy tour, Hulu’s […]

It’s Monday…Welcome back from the weekend. In the latest episode of the Amanda Seales Show, Amanda discusses a variety of current events making headlines. She starts off by addressing the news that former President Donald Trump is set to appear in court tomorrow for his upcoming arraignment trial. Amanda shares her thoughts on the significance […]

Today on Amanda Seales’ Show podcast, we discussed the historic election of Jennifer McLennan to Virginia’s congress, making her the first Black woman to be elected. We also discussed the potential success of the 4-day work week. It’s shocking to learn that Rihanna’s dad found out she was pregnant during the super bowl.  LL Cool […]

Welcome to this Wednesday episode of the Amanda Seales Show. We cover a range of topics on this podcast, including Biden’s rallying cry in Warsaw, to experimental male birth control and the impact of magazine covers on the black community. As always you can expect to laugh and learn as Amanda and DJ Nailz discuss […]

In this episode of Amanda Seales’ show Amanda Seales and DJ Nailz talk with the Colorado Black farmers and their struggles with dealing with racial terrorism on their ranch. We also recap Valentine’s Day and talk about the best and worst Valentines Day gifts. Another trending topic we discuss is whether it’s appropriate to have […]

It’s the Amanda Seales Show on this valentine’s day episode of the Amanda Seales Show podcast. We get focused on the tragic death of Tyre Nichols and the Memphis Police Officers who took pictures of the crime scene. We also introduce a new feature called “They Did That” highlighting unsung Black inventors. Amanda Seales and […]

This week's "Big Up / Let Down" gives props to the Black creatives of CreativeSoul Photography and reserves shade for director Kenya Barris.

In this week's "Big Up / Let Down," we rely on the listeners for positivity while getting let down by insurrectionist Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Are you throwing away that Gucci bag your ex from 3 years ago bought you for Christmas? That's the latest debate on 'The Amanda Seales Show'!

This week, Amanda and Nailz question the best advice to give to your 15-year-old self for the latest "Getting To Know" segment.

Today's "Big Up / Let Down" report gives a shoutout to a snowstorm hero out of Buffalo and questions those who still support Tory Lanez.