Tommie, Love and Hip Ho Atlanta star, has definitely had her fair share or dealings with the cops. That’s why it may not be a surprise that, according to TMZ. law enforcement officers are looking for her after a failed court appearance. Ya’ll may also remember that Tommie got into some trouble for attacking a […]

On Wednesday, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tommie Lee posted a list of dash cam videos of her being brutalized by Atlanta police.But according to the police there is a lot more to the story than what Ms. Tommie is telling us. Tommie posted a video yesterday saying that she was snatched out of the […]

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fan favorite, Tommie Lee, has been arrested multiple times in her young life, but she claims her recent arrest was a form of police brutality. The reality star shared a video of a police officer forcefully dragging her out of a Jeep, although she was the passenger in the car that […]

Tommie Lee won’t be able to attend the LHHATL reunion. She explained on Instagram  that she’s been banned apparently for her actions on the show.