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On Wednesday, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Tommie Lee posted a list of dash cam videos of her being brutalized by Atlanta police.But according to the police there is a lot more to the story than what Ms. Tommie is telling us.

Tommie posted a video yesterday saying that she was snatched out of the backseat of a car for absolutely no reason.The video was later taken down. The LHHATL star claims she was just minding her business doing nothing wrong but was snatched and handcuffed like an animal. But now the ATLPD are claiming that the whole story is false and that Tommie isn’t as innocent as she’s claiming to be.

According to TMZ, the ATLPD said that as they approached Tommie’s car there seemed to be movement, which they believe to have been Tommie switching places with someone else and moving to the back. As they approached the backseat, they said that Tommie’s “her eyes were watery, bloodshot, and her speech was slurred” ATLPD arrested Tommie for drunk driving, disorderly conduct, and driving with an expired license.

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Whoever the guy was in the car with Tommie reportedly admitted to switching with Tommie and saying that she was the one driving.

The worst part of it all is that Tommie was so drunk that she couldn’t even stand up! But Tommie also blamed that on the fact that police hit her head against the ground. OUCH!

Police also reported that Tommie peed on herself in the squad car while in the back during her ride to the station. Come on Tommie!

Well you know Tommie is denying EVERYTHING and claims it’s all a lie.