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After an emotional interview on Oprah, Tyler Perry finally was able to release details about the demons that have been haunting him since childhood.

As previously reported,Perry joined Winfrey to discuss the abuse he endured growing up as a child, from rape by both male and female relatives to sexual abuse at the hands of a church member.

The actor and playwright has previously discussed his traumatic childhood but took to his Twitter account to say that this account would be much more detailed.

During his touching appearance, Perry described how he was molested by two men at the age of 6 while growing up in New Orleans.

“I was about five or six the first time [it happened]”, Perry said. “ I was building a bird house in his backyard and a man from across the street came over and put his hand in my pants. [At the time] I thought, ‘What is this?'”

Perry also described how a male nurse at the hospital also took advantage of him, as well as a Pastor at his local church.

Perry states that he was confused because his first “sexual experience” was with a man who performed oral sex on him and adds that being molested by an older woman further added to the confusion.

“She puts the key inside herself and tells me to get it,” Perry continued. “I get the key but I feel my body betraying me again. I felt an erection. This is so disgusting – what these people did to this little boy – she pulled me on top of her and I felt myself inside of her.”

In addition to sexual abuse, Perry detailed the physical abuse that he suffered at the hands of his father who “hated [him] so much.”

Perry also talked about how the molestations at such a young age affected him during sexual experiences with women later in life.

“Every time after sex I would go to the shower and wash it off of me. I needed to get away from it.”

He wept when Oprah asked him what he would say to the little boy left behind? Perry replied, “I would say, ‘It’s going to be all right.”

Perry’s new movie, the adaptation of ‘For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf’, comes out in November.