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J.Cole is officially a force to be reckoned with.

Last Friday, the release of his mixtape Friday Night Lights crashed his site, after an estimated 4,000 users logged on per second, to download the North Carolinian’s latest material.

J. Cole, who is on the BET Music Matters Tour, hopes to land some top cameos from took the time out to speak with about his latest mixtape.

“I was searching for a title that kinda explained my situation,” J.Cole told “I found it with that. I love the fact that the character of J.Cole is like this high school varsity athlete. So I wanted to stay in that realm in terms of the story. It feels like the big game is coming, you know its feel like that pressure that a player feels. It’s a few things, there’s pressure, excitement, anxiety, confidence, doubt all those things right before the big game. I felt that name kind of embodied all feelings.”

Friday Night Lights is slim on guest appearances, although the mixtape features several high profile rappers, including G.O.O.D. Music’s Cy-Hi Da Prynce, Pusha-T, Big Sean and the label’s CEO, Kanye West.

According to J.Cole, he would like to work with Kanye West for his major label release, which is slated for 2011 via Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation.

“It’s up to Kanye, you know. I’m like a huge fan. What I want to do is just get the level of my name up, my weight up and my credentials up,” J.Cole revealed. “[I’ll] get enough notches under my belt and then I’ll reach out to Kanye. I kinda want to at least feel somewhere in the vicinity of the work he has put in before I go in with him.”

Although his upcoming debut has no release date, J.Cole has been in the recording studio to keep the music on his album from becoming dated.

“The mixtape was step 1. It’s about generating the level of interest for the album, that’s my main concern,” J.Cole told “And of course I am going back in December and I am going to try to do new songs. If I needed to drop an album next week, I can do it. It will be incredible. But since I dropped the mixtape, I feel my standards are now even higher than they were. I want to go back in to do better songs, that’s just how I work.”

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