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According to a report,Ne-Yo was detained in Oslo last night after a member of his entourage punched a bus boy.  According to, Ne-Yo and his crew were at a club when things got out of control. Apparently, things turned violent when someone grabbed one of the girls who was with Ne-Yo causing her to fall. A bus boy was then punched in the face. He was hit so hard he was dizzy and throwing up. Then another member of Ne-Yo’s group allegedly ran into the kitchen of the club and got a knife and started threatening people until someone calmed him down.

Ne-Yo’s party left the restaurant and were immediately detained and searched by Norwegian police, but no word on what the police may or may not have found.

“All in all this is an unfortunate situation involving the artist, Emil & Samuel and the concert management,” said the owner of Emil & Samuel to the media on Sunday.

The staff of the restaurant are now looking to press charges against the singer!!

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