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A Minnesota woman is making headlines after police say she stole a $6,500 mink coat and hid it in her underwear for three days.

Bloomington police report that Stephanie Moreland,46, was arrested New Year’s day after calls that a short mink coat was stolen by a woman acting suspiciously.

An employee at ‘Alaskan Fur Company’ told police that she spotted Moreland and an accomplice acting suspiciously and went to question her when she noticed the woman kneeling on the floor.

The employee told police that when she questioned her, the 270-pound woman lifted up her dress and mooned her before running out the store.

The employee was able to take down Moreland’s license plate and police tracked down the car with a hanger from the store but no coat.

Moreland was arrested, searched for weapons and booked into jail for the weekend on theft charges.

Three days later, a detective interviewed her and she admitted stealing the coat but claimed to have already sold it.

Investigator Mark Stehlik reports however that when he told her he would be taking her to the Hennepin County Jail downtown, she quickly changed her story and lifted up her dress.

“She had modified her underwear. She actually cut the rear of the underwear out so that from the back it appeared she was not wearing underwear and then stuffed it down the front.”

She was charged with felony theft and released after posting $10,000 bail.

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