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“Whenever Tamar speaks, it’s like you’re going to the city dump:  you never know what crap you’re going to encounter,” explains Tamar’s sister Trina.  Wow!  This is the perfect way to describe reality star Tamar Braxton of WE TV’s Braxton Family Values. From the first episode to the reunion show, Tamar has always said exactly what is on her mind.  She keeps viewers shocked, entertained, and laughing our butts off!  Sometimes what she says is the absolute truth.  But most times, it’s just juvenile and rude.  Below are 17 of Tamar’s most bizarre quotes from this season.

17.  “I’m-so-over-this dot org.”

16. “That is some bull-you-know-what dot com.”

15. “It’s-always-my-fault dot com.”

14. “And so I’m like GRRRRRRRR! dot com.”

13. “That tasted like ass-crack dot com.”

12. “Traci … is just a-hood-rat dot com.”

11. “Let me tell you about a few guys I was dating before [my husband, Vince]: uh uh, hot-mess dot org—for real, for real!”

10. “I am not Captain Save-A-Ho; I can only save one at a time, and that’s me!”

9.  “I have my own problems, I’m trying to get my own career off the ground, and I am not the human resources for Background Singers of America!”

8.  “You know that aura Jesus got around him?  That’s pretty much what I look like after I go spray tanning.”

7.  “You cannot powder away what botox can fix.  My name is Tamar, and I am for plastic surgery.”

6.  “That’s the most selfish, asinine, meanest, dirty low down to the ground thing that I have ever seen!”

5.  “That’s just the truth, and I feel like it’s my duty to tell you what I know.”

4.  “I am—hello—probably one of the dopest singers, period.”

3.  “I may be the baby of the family, but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to boss people around.”

2.  “I have a fabulous life:  I have a big ass house, three cars, I fly first class all around the world … some would say I have the perfect life, and those people are absolutely right.”

1.  “I actually always wanted to have an Asian daughter, and I want to raise her as a black girl [and name her Disney].”

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