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The trend of album sequels is becoming more popular by the minute. Snoop Dogg has decided having one classic like Doggystyle isn’t enough. He is currently in the studio cooking up Doggystyle 2: The Doggumentary. The title alone has left fans disinterested. How can you taint a landmark album’s legacy with a sequel that’s not even half as good as the original? Maybe Mary J. Blige will have a decent answer to that question when she releases My Life 2. Judging by the songs we’ve heard from it so far, My Life 2 will be the perfect coaster for the living room coffee table. Most album sequels are trash. However, Raekwon’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 was voted one of the best albums released in 2009. The Chef is the exception in the long list of album sequels that pale in comparison to the original classic LP. We hope Mary and Snoop read our list and dodge the pitfalls these five artists experienced when they dropped album sequels.

5. Jay-Z The Blueprint 2: The Gift & The Curse

Hov stans, have a seat. The album was good. The problem was it is the follow up to one of the best rap albums ever. You mean to tell me after giving the streets soul stirring rap songs like “This Can’t Be Life” and “Heart of the City” you follow that up with a mediocre sample of Pac’s“Me and My Girlfriend?” Sorry, that just won’t fly here. Plus, the concept of BP2 being a double album was unnecessary. The result of Jigga’s ambition was an unfocused album. We love Jay’s flows and all, but he overstayed his welcome in our stereos with that set. Glad he moved on to the next one.

4. Lloyd Banks The Hunger For More 2

Lloyd Banks is the best lyricist out of the G-Unit camp. He made the album a sequel because he wanted to regain the success of his debut collection. While HFM2 did receive positive reviews from critics and fans alike, he lands on the list because there was nothing new about HFM2. We are kinda sick of the guns, drugs, and street life rhetoric. That was cool when he was transitioning from the streets to a successful life, but now that he’s toured the globe and entered another tax bracket, rap about what you’re living now.

3. R. Kelly TP 3: Reloaded

12 Play is the quintessential R. Kelly album. there is nothing but hits on that effort. We let slide because of bangers like “Feelin On Yo Booty,” “Fiesta,” and the sentimental “I Wish.” All of that love and admiration went out the window when TP3 hit the streets. This is one of the worst sequels for a number of reasons. The Trapped In The Closet saga was cool for the first five. “Slow Wind” had every chick in the club trying to get in touch with her West Indian roots to entice potential suitors. For that, men across America thank him. However, am I the only one who finds it creepy R. Kelly uses random objects in his sex analogies?  “Remote Control.” “Sex In The Kitchen.” What’s next? “I Wanna Hit It In The Bus Terminal Bathroom?”

2. Ghostface Killah More Fish

In 2006, Ghostface experienced a resurgence in his career thanks to his damn near classic, Fishscale. Being that he was riding the success wave, Def Jam tried to capitalize on it by dropping More Fish shortly thereafter. We can’t blame Tony Starks because he said in interviews how he didn’t think putting More Fish out would help, but as usual, the label only cared about dollar signs. MF consisted mostly of unreleased tracked that heavily featured his Theodore Unit soldiers. Needless to say, the soldiers of Theodore Unit are nowhere as great as Ghostface on the mic.

1. Method Man Tical 0: The Prequel

The third installment in the Tical series was the epitome of craptastic. Fans and critics hated the album for its generic party tracks. Consumers complained there were too many guests that overshadowed Meth. The thought of guests stealing shine from Method Man was crazy considering the amount of scene-stealing verses in his catalog. The commercial direction the album took was due in part to Diddy and Harve Pierre’s input. Meth explained, “On the third LP, it was suggested (by Def Jam) to bring in Harve Pierre and P. Diddy. Who am I to argue? Puff knows how to sell some records. But that wasn’t the direction to go in, and I know that.” Don’t try to place all the blame squarely on the shoulders of Diddy and Pierre, if Meth knew that wasn’t the road he wanted to travel down, all he had to do was jump out of the car. Scratches and scars heal. Bad albums are forever.

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