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The Wendy Williams Show has just kicked off it’s third season, and Wendy is letting fans get a glimpse into her life over the years. In a recent interview Wendy spoke candidly about her family and how she and her husband have endured three miscarriages. At the age of 47, Wendy says that she has pretty much ruled out attempting to have a child naturally but is considering adoption.

“I think I missed the boat on that…I’m 47 and I’ve had 3 miscarriages. One was at 7 weeks and the other two were at 5 months. It was just a nightmare and it happened 3 ½ years in proximity. I met my man and we got married after the first miscarriage…we decided we were going to try this again. We got right into the baby making thing and I gained 103 pounds and I was on bed rest. My mind is on adoption and even that has a 3 year window. I really do want a girl, but I am so blessed with the family we created.”

She also talks about what it takes for her to balance family and work.

Well, I always have wipes, Krazy glue, a Tide stick and a writing agenda. I’m also really good at purging junk. We just got finished with an underwear fashion show so Kevin could show me his favorite bottoms! Right after I get off the phone with you, I’m putting all the new underwear upstairs in his drawer and throwing all the old ones out! I also try to fix broken things right away. My manager and my Executive Producer is my husband and I never have to explain why I’m leaving at 1:00 – he knows why, I’m lucking in that aspect. We’ve figured out to work our family into our family business.”


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