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NewsOne has a nomination for the “World’s Dumbest Criminals.”

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Two idiot robbers convincingly disguised as White cops robbed a Pay-O-Matic in Queens, New York of nearly $200,000 in Feb. were cuffed by NYPD officers on Monday, the New York Post reports.

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The suspects, Edward Byam, 24, and Akeem Monsalvatge, 37, appeared in court a day later to formally be charged with armed robbery and impersonating a police officer. Both are being held without bond.

Byam and Monsalvatge allegedly used masks purchased at Composite Effects, a company that specializes in realistic masks that can cost as much as $600 each. The men are both African American.

The Daily Mail reports that they were so well-disguised that witnesses did not know who they were Black.

“We don’t know if they are white, black or Hispanic. People in the neighbourhood saw them in the van for two or three days before the robbery,’ a police spokesman said at the time. ‘They saw three white guys.”

During the course of their investigation, the NYPD got a tip saying that the men were using high-end masks and eventually tracked down Composite Effects where the management shared emails from Byam. One of the emails asked about the delivery time of a placed order.

The other, the dumbest of all, ultimately undermined he and his accomplice’s cover. “I’m sending this message to say I’m extremely pleased by CFX work on the mask,” he allegedly wrote. “The realism of the mask is unbelievable.”And so was Byam’s stupidity.

In addition to the emails, cops recovered a copy of an image one of the robbers used to threaten an employee during the February robbery. They traced the image to a Walgreens where they got a receipt with Byam’s home phone number.

The rest is moron criminal history.

And while we’re on history, Monsalvatge reportedly robbed a Pay-O-Matic in Queens, on Sept. 10, 2010. His Facebook page lists his occupation as “venture capitalist.”

I’m not lying. Click here to see it for yourself.

Black Burglars Collared After Posing As White Cops During Robbery  was originally published on newsone.com