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The internet is buzzing after the release of Biggie Smalls‘ autopsy report 15 years after his still unsolved murder. While the autopsy report didn’t reveal more than we knew 15 years ago, some of the statements left in the comment section of TMZ’s site were vile and disrespectful. Which begs the question, what the hell did Biggie do to deserve that?

Many people chastised TMZ for posting the autopsy report. One person said, “I’m sure his family members are thrilled you have published this sensitive, and IMO private information. Just bc you can TMZ, doesn’t mean you should!” This is the general sentiment about the information TMZ uncovered, however, you can’t have a story on the internet without the computer thugs saying something slick.

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The comments that were negative didn’t just say something rude or insensitive, they spoke of the same fate being the way Chris Brown should die. I know Chris Brown has nothing to do with Biggie in anyway, but tell that to the internet thugs. Others made remarks about Christopher Wallace deserving to be killed because he rapped about “thug life.” Obviously, they know nothing about the history of rap.

Peep the ignorance below. Tell us what you think about this foolishness.

What would you do if you were Mrs. Wallace and you still had to deal with crap like this after 15 years of your son’s unsolved murder? Sound off in the comments!


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