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People who are strapped for money worry about being evicted if they don’t pay their rent. In Brooklyn, if you don’t pay your rent, you need to be worried about being killed. A man was gunned down in his apartment building for trying to diffuse an argument between his landlord and another tenant.

The fatal shooting took place in Brooklyn, New York on Sunday afternoon. Landlord Phillip Estevez got into a furious argument with his tenant Anna Rodriguez. Rodriguez owed Estevez $100 in back rent and he rudely demanded his money from the mother of two. During the argument, Rodriguez sprinted to her apartment with her children and locked herself inside. Phillip Estevez followed Anna Rodriguez to her apartment and violently banged on the door. Rodriguez’s neighbor Luis Martinez tried to come to Rodriguez’s aid and Estevez quickly pulled out a gun and shot Martinez in the chest. the blast to the chest killed Luis Martinez instantly.

After several attempts, the landlord broke the door down to Anna Rodriguez’s apartment with every intention on killing the woman and her young children. Estevez pointed the gun at them, but it jammed when he tried to fire it. Anna Rodriguez’s son jumped out of the window and screamed for help as his sister clocked the gunman over the head with a thick block of wood.

Another tenant in the apartment complex said, “I heard the screaming and I went upstairs. Philip opens the door covered in blood. That’s when I got scared. I went white. Then I ran to the stairs and I saw Luis throwing up blood.”

The landlord Phillip Estevez, 63, was arrested at the scene. neighbors say Estevez and Rodriguez had been arguing for a few days before the incident took place Sunday afternoon.



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