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By now you’ve probably heard the news about Washington Wizard Center, Jason Collins, announcing that he’s openly gay in a sports illustrated article. If you didn’t hear, NOW YOU KNOW. Here’s my issue, why do we (the public) need to know what his sexual orientation is?

Lately, the “gay” issue has been a major topic in America. From gay marriage to openly gay athletes, it feels like this topic has captured the ear of  America.  But why? Is it because the subject can be uncomfortable for some or is it because we’re not really ready to face the issue with our friends and family (because believe it or not, statistically speaking, you probably know someone thats gay)?

I feel that asking someone about their sexuality is like asking someone “what kind of freaky ish are you into in the bedroom?” Heterosexuals don’t have to hold a press conference to announce their sexual preferences and gay people shouldn’t either. If you’re not gonna judge a man for sleeping with a woman, why would you judge a woman for sleeping with a woman (unless this issue matters to you)?

Which brings me to this conclusion, when we’re ready to grow as a nation, we’ll address the issues that affect us all (poverty, unemployment, absent fathers, education and a since of family in the urban community)… Until this happens, I guess we’ll focus on the issues that aren’t really ISSUES…

Shout out to Jason Collins for being real. I’ve been watching sports center all day and all the reactions from around the league are very positive about his decision to come out…