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Dave Chappelle has always been a champion of the working class.  Between his stand-up comedy specials and the classic “Chappelle’s Show,” he really stayed on the pulse of the trials and tribulations of the common man and woman.  When he walked away from millions of dollars in 2005 on principle we all weeped but applauded his resolve.

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Years after gracefully bowing out, Chappelle has made a quiet return to doing stand-up comedy and even announced plans to tour with Chris Rock earlier this year.  However, Dave still doesn’t have tolerance for the b.s. the entertainment industry has to offer. As if he was in solidarity with fast food workers protesting minimum wage, Chappelle left the stage early during set in CT last night requesting Kanye West’s “New Slaves” as his walk-off music.

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Anyone familiar with Chappelle’s work knows that this wasn’t a stunt. He’s always been able to tap into the angst of someone on the job. Here are just a few examples of his rage against the machine.

Jamba Juice Baristas

jamba juice worker

Fast Food Employees…

wac arnolds gif

Jaeger Pilots

chappelle godzilla


prince pancakes


wutang corporate

Stay At Home Dads…


Driving School Instructors


Stock room coordinators


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