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Obama Getting Haircut In Barbershop


Barbershops are exclusive clubs that were designed to be the ultimate clubhouse for MEN. In a barbershop, fellas can bond and be honest about their thoughts and feelings without the prying scrutiny of womanhood poking away at their souls. There’s literally nothing else to do in a barbershop but talk sh*t with your comrades, get a fresh fade, watch sports, and partake in the free-spirited wisdom that echoes off the dusty mirrors. Going to the barbershop should be a cornerstone of any young man’s formative years. While the barbershop is a place of organized confusion, there are still certain laws that dictate how they operate. These rules are unwritten but are still observed and maintained and this tradition gets passed down from each generation to the next. Every now and then, these rules are broken, but for the most part they stand unchanged throughout the years. In case you are unaware of the barbershop’s invisible code, allow us briefly enlighten you on seven things that don’t belong in a barbershop. Dave Chappelle Playing A Crackhead Crackheads For what it’s worth, people who are addicted to crack cocaine are victims of a terrible epidemic that is destroying families and communities in Urban America at an alarming rate. Far be it from me to judge them, but let’s be real here. Nobody wants to hang out with a crackhead. I know from personal experience that you can’t trust them farther than you can throw them (which is actually pretty far, depending on how much they smoke). Remember Smokey from “The PJs” or Dave Chappelle’s Tyrone Biggums? Those are prime examples of a crackhead. The last place you want to be with a crackhead is in a warm, crowded room waiting for a haircut. Why? Because that gives him ample time to try to coerce you out of 35 cents or your last Newport cigarette or even swipe your car keys while you’re not looking. It’s not so bad if they have good hygiene, but who am I kidding? A man (or woman) fixated on blazing up a piece of rock cocaine isn’t worried about toothbrushes or bars of soap. If you find yourself engaged in conversation with a crackhead at the barbershop, make sure you know where your wallet and smartphone are at all times.

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