Fetty Wap was arrested and hit with a battery charge stemming from his brawl with security at a Las Vegas casino. According to TMZ, video surveillance footage shows the 28-year old rapper throwing hard punches and striking the security guard in the head. Fetty has been charge with one count of misdemeanor battery. Related Stories: […]

While Tekashi has racked up a few legal issues, 69’s also made quite a few rivals within the industry; especially considering his case with Chief Keef. So, a rep for the Mayor’s Office tells TMZ that event producers are taking the extra step to ensure that the festival remains safe for all to enjoy. Related […]

While on his 45 city tour in Europe, The Game stopped by the home of First Lady Trump to put on a show that seemed to be super LIT, However, one fan may not have thought so. A crowd of fans were onstage with Game, but when one Slovenian invaded his privace while trying to […]

Lil Boosie is finally speaking out about the mall fight between his crew and mall security. He says racism was definitely a motivating factor: Later, he claims the police stole millions worth of jewelry: Hopefully justice will be served!

Yesterday Boosie and his team got into a scuffle with a security guard at Edgewater Mall in Biloxi, Mississippi. The rapper and his entourage were trying to do a little a shopping, but the fans wouldn’t leave him alone. Security ended up asking Boosie and his team to leave and that’s when things quickly went […]

Donald Trump’s plan to live in NYC will coast over $1 million a day and secret service to cost taxpayers over $2 million a day. Protection will also extend to Trump’s children as well as his grandchildren. Related Stories: Compare And Contrast: President Obama, Donald Trump Both Issue Statements On The Death Of Fidel Castro […]

Soooo…. Apparently, some crazed Kardashain fan just waltzed right in to Kris Jenner’s home office to address her face-to-face. Now her whole security staff has been fired! According to TMZ, a man posing as a part of the Christmas decorations crew, told the security guards that he had a scheduled home meeting with Kris, which […]

A Black man attempting to buy groceries was brutally beat by a security guard at a California Whole Foods Market.


  Barbershops are exclusive clubs that were designed to be the ultimate clubhouse for MEN. In a barbershop, fellas can bond and be honest about…

Via: Worldstarhiphop Check out Tony Yayo getting at the security outside a club. “You my son” “You grounded”

Via: WRAL Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the country. Approximately 10 million Americans have their identity stolen every year. For identity thieves, Social Security numbers are like gold. Yet another federal Web site makes the Social Security numbers of North Carolinians who file for bankruptcy readily available. For full story: […]

Via: TMZ Police are investigating a brutal attack at Jay-Z’s 40/40 Club.