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As the weather gets cooler, it can only mean that everyone’s favorite time of the year, “Cuffing Season” is here again. With memories of the summer behind us and the winter creeping ever so slightly towards us, it’s only natural that people begin to gravitate towards one another in search for someone or something to keep them warm.

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While some dismiss “Cuffing Season” as some sort of urban myth, check and see how many of your friends were born mid-year. Their parents were out cuffing, if you catch my drift. As natural as an event as it may be, there are dangers lurking, and some women may not be worth the trouble it takes to place the shackles on them in the first place.

Be vigilant in your search and try to avoid these 5 types of women during “Cuffing Season”…

A Woman Screaming

Drama Princess

The drama princess is a graduate of 90′s R&B music University and loves to cause personal problems for herself. She’s addicted to nitpicking and catfights and — from a distance — appears to hate to be happy. She goes through your phone if it’s not locked and if it is secured, will spend endless hours trying to figure out your code. Hours she could’ve spent spending time with you — her boo — but no dice. If she unlocks it, there will be hell to pay over texts from your mom and random phone numbers that she can’t immediately place value on. If she can’t unlock it, you’ll hear about it, until you either give her access to your privacy or throw your phone out of the window on the freeway during an(other) argument. The drama is limitless with her; she saw the way you looked at the girl on the McDonald’s commercial and wasn’t particularly thrilled that you “liked” the picture of your ex and her husband and their child on Facebook. As much as drama princesses don’t want to be happy, they want you to be even less happy and will spare no expense at making sure this happens. She may even threaten suicide once a month just to keep you on your toes. If she goes through with it, though, she truly becomes the queen of all drama and will haunt your dreams and relationships for eternity.

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