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Lil B Giving the middle finger

The Internet Rapper

The Internet rapper has his sights set on fame and fortune and is not going to take “No!” for an answer. He rarely sleeps and dedicates himself to the “grind” regardless of how penniless the present circumstance may be.

His motivation is the nominal amount of attention he garners on the Internet, which keeps his hopes floating higher than he is every day when he leaves the house for “the studio.” The Internet rapper actually has a decent idea on how to survive and get paid for what he does, the only problem is the struggle that occurs in the meantime. Also, you will be his second priority, no matter how sexy your Victoria’s Secret lingerie seems to be. To be with this man means that you understand the aspects of the “starving artist” and everything that lifestyle entails. When strangers ask him what he does for a living, he adamantly says “I’m a rapper,” even though he may have nothing to show for it but a handful of website links.

There is the chance that his career may take off after countless hours of recording and a backlog of performances that he never got paid for, but as the prophet Kanye West foretold many moons ago; “when he get on, he’ll leave your ass for a White girl.” That reference could be for cocaine or an actual Caucasian chick.

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