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The Absentee Father

The absentee father may be allergic to responsibility and can readily camouflage himself with all his other good qualities. He’s not necessarily a bad guy at heart per se, and in many instances is merely a product of his environment. After all, it’s impossible to expect someone to do something that they’ve never been taught how to do.

There could be a number of reasons why he doesn’t engage and participate in his children’s lives (just paying child support isn’t active fatherhood), but rest assured that if you allow a bun to be placed in your own oven, he won’t magically become a chef overnight. He may, in fact, transform into Usain Bolt and sprint away while you’re at the grocery store buying baby food. Nevertheless, the same fight-or-flight hormones will likely kick in again, and you’ll be stuck in the same predicament as the woman (or women) you so fervently protected him from previously. It’s wise to not allow yourself to be put in that situation, no matter how good the intercourse or companionship may be. And if he lied about having kids when you met him, you can be positive that he doesn’t see them.

Even if the reasons why him and their mothers don’t get along makes all the sense in the world, there’s no justification. Being a father is stressful, but a dude who turns his back on his own flesh and blood is likely the same dude who will steal money out of your purse and try to bone your sister and blame both heinous acts on an imaginary drinking problem.

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